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They said creating tutorials was hard, then they found Wizardshot.
CreateAI-poweredstep-by-step tutorials in seconds.

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🤯  Create AI-Powered
Step-By-Step Tutorials In Seconds.

  • 1. Install Wizardshot
  • 2. Click Capture
  • 3. Tutorial Made ✅

No More Manual Writing.

Let Wizardshot Do The Work For You.

Ancient way
Wizardshot way
Wizardshot way of writing tutorials

The Ancient way

(Bob used to do it this way )

Wizardshot way of writing tutorials

Wizardshot way


More Than Just Instant Tutorial Creation

Fully Integrated IntoYour Workflow


Privacy & Collaboration, Your Way

Magically turn anyone in your team into a technical writer


Blur Important Info

🔞 For your eyes only. Not everyone needs to see what you did. Keep it private with our blur feature.

blurred feature

Analytics That Make Sense

Understand the impact your tutorials make on your team & what’s missing.

analytics feature

Easy-to-Use Editor

Effortlessly embed videos, transform steps into GIFs, and much more to enhance your tutorials

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"Has Helped Us Write Help Docs 100x Faster"

– Dany Rivard, Cartier Informatique

FAQ Around And Find Out

Wizardshot is a web app & Chrome extension that allows you to create step-by-step tutorials simply by capturing your screen.

Here's the deal: We're offering Wizardshot for free because it's cheap to run and we believe in proving our worth first. Most of the tech runs right in the Chrome extension, so our main expenses are just secure hosting and solid support. We hope you'll love using Wizardshot so much that you might just check out what else we’ve got, like Helpjuice (which isn't free, but makes a lot of sense to use with Wizardshot). No gimmicks, just good business.

Yes, ensuring the security of your data is crucial. To maximize data security, employing industry-standard encryption methods, strict access controls, and regular security audits are essential.